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Sacred Circles

 Drumming in Sacred Circle

We come together in Sacred Circle to connect on a deep level and enjoy a time of drumming, singing, chanting, sharing our stories and in co-created prayer. Starfeather has been bringing people together in circles in the Seattle area since 1990. As facilitator, she establishes and holds the bowl of energy of the gathering to create a special experience that is healing and joyful. She is a ceremonialist recognizes the importance of empowering each gathering as a sacred event and ceremonial experience. Calling in and honoring the energies of the Directions brings power and spiritual connection to the gathering.

Shamanic  Journey Circles

Journeys are guided by Starfeather for the purpose of connecting with your Higher Self and your Spiritual Guides.  Two types of journeys are regularly offered in a group setting: Shamanic Journey to Retrieve Past-Life Memories and Shamanic Journey to the Sacred Earth Healing Temple of Light & Sound.

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Spiritual Retreats for women offer us an opportunity to step out of our everyday world to journey within.  With the help of Nature and time away from routine, we are more easily able to connect with our Higher Self, with of spiritual guidance.  We open our hearts in ceremony.  In Circle with others we pray, drum, share and witness.  Time alone, time together, time in Nature.  We are seekers, each reaching deeper within ourselves to honor our Path and quest for understanding and focusing on our life, our purpose, our joy.  Join us for an enriching experience.

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Sacred Art and Crafts

Enjoy a very special day of creating your own hand-drum with sacred intention. Your drum is more than an instrument; it is an ally on your spiritual journey. 

Starfeather is a master drum maker and spiritual teacher who has been facilitating drum making for over twenty years. She offers a unique experience of ease in crafting and connectedness with the sacredness of this creation. Her drums are available for sale at East/West Bookshop in Seattle or special order; however she truly believes that making your own is the most optimal way to establish a deep connection with your drum.

Be carefully and lovingly guided in sacred ceremony to create—to birth—your own Medicine Drum. Give yourself this gift of a lifetime! Price includes all materials, tools, and facilitation for your drum and drum beater.

In addition, Starfeather offers a monthly Sacred Craft Day Retreat for Women. We come together in Circle to learn to make our "medicine tools" and enjoy a quiet day with others.  Starfeather, a master craftswoman, shares her knowledge, skills, tools and many materials so that we can create things of beauty.  Smudge fans, medicine bags, rawhide rattles, drum embellishment, prayer necklaces and other items that are part of what we use in ceremony and prayer.

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Medicine Woman Mentoring with Starfeather 2019-2020

Be All You Came Here to Be

You are here to fulfill your divine purpose. When the desire to learn and grow as a spiritual being runs deep, this is the Soul’s call to evolve. To this end, there are many paths to choose from. This is one.

Join Starfeather for mentoring and build a co-creative program that serves you, your schedule and your commitments. This mentoring offers you support for your sacred journey, encouragement in the development of your “medicine”, your unique gifts and skills.  Wise woman sharing supports your ability to walk in your power in a sacred way, as you live a fulfilling life, guided by Love. 

Celebrating her 74th birthday in October 2019, Starfeather is offering her fourth year cycle of officially mentoring women. She is an elder, grandmother and spiritual teacher, whose life work is to help enable women like you to be all you came here to be. Blessed with over 30 years of experience in facilitating women’s circles and as many years of study and ceremony wonderful Native and non-Native teachers, she is an Initiated Elder. Starfeather wishes to share her knowledge, life experience, and wisdom with the next generations as she brings her wisdom full circle, claiming the title of Medicine Woman. 

There are two options for Medicine Woman Mentoring Program:

Small Group Mentoring & Private Mentoring

If you are called to step more fully into your power, walk your talk and live a Path of Beauty, please consider joining Medicine Woman Mentoring.


Beginning September 2019, our small group woman meets in Sacred Circle every other month on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 10:30 to 3:30 PM, through June 2020.  During this gathering we meditate, share our journey in talking-stick fashion, drum and chant, sing Circle songs, and pray. Starfeather will offer a teaching at each Circle.  We support each other as spiritual sisters on the Path. 

On the alternate months, you will have a private meeting with Starfeather. It is here that your unique gifts are nurtured and encouraged through personal guidance and sharing. This appointment, scheduled individually, is a 2 hour check-in, which may include teaching, elder counseling, healing work, or Spirit Guide connection.

An important aspect of Starfeather’s teaching is nurturing your creativity through sacred art & crafts. You learn to create your own medicine tools. You will make your own drum, rawhide rattle, medicine bag, smudge fan, talking-stick, staff and Medicine Shield, as you hone your skills.

Learning the Cherokee Medicine Wheel is a fundamental part of the Mentoring Program. You experience ceremony and create your own ritual to create an energy vortex, calling to the powers of the Directions.

Singing/chanting and drumming are also an important part of our Circle. You will develop confidence and learn to focus your power of your voice, your rattle and drum. Circle songs as shared and vocalizing is encouraged. 

There will be a reading requirement that involves some time of study of Native American and earth-based spirituality. 

Attendance at one (or both) Medicine Shield Retreat at La Push in the Spring or Fall is required in the Program.

Attendance at one--or more--of the other monthly gatherings that Starfeather facilitates is also required: Sacred Art Retreat Day, Shamanic Journey to Past-Life Experience, and Shamanic Journey to the Sacred Earth Healing Temple of Light & Sound. 


Private mentoring is individually tailored depending on the goals and needs of each woman. There is limited availability to Private Mentoring. 

Bring power into your world in balance and purpose.

The purpose of Mentoring is to stabilize your life and connect you to the Earth and access the highest possible Spiritual connection available to you. Know that you are cherished. You are needed; a woman who walks in beauty… in awareness, grounded in kindness, openness, connected with self-confidence, balanced with integrity, generosity, and wisdom. And power.

Women of the next generation are the leaders of tomorrow.

Are you read?

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Starfeather’s Private Practice

Starfeather brings her expertise, gifts and training for a custom-tailored session with each client. A session with her takes you on a shamanic journey of spirit, connecting you first on the etheric realm and then shifting into the physical for new alignment.

In a ceremony designed for you, the session may comprise of creating an energy vortex, connecting with her “team” of spiritual guides, accessing the highest possible vibration for your healing experience. She invites an energetic circle of support around you by calling in the Sacred Directions.

Starfeather uses sage and sweetgrass for clearing your energy field and also incorporates drumming and channeled communication, chanting, hypnotherapy, energy healing and sound healing with her crystal singing bowl and Language of Light. The many crystals in her healing room, The Lodge, offers supportive energy for your session.

Your initial appointment includes a half-hour intake, during which time you will be able to discuss any issues and concerns, as well as the intention you desire for your healing. If you are uncomfortable with any of the modalities listed above, Starfeather honors and appreciates your personal preferences. A massage table ensures your comfort and relaxation.

Fee: $125 for the first session (1 ½ hour). $95 for each session following (1 ¼ hour).

Credit card payment, cash and check accepted. Account:

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