Medicine Woman Shield


Medicine Shield

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Drum & Rattle


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Making Medicine:  drum, rattle and smudge fan.

Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel

The Cherokee Medicine Wheel  at Starfeather's Lodge.

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Assist you on your Spiritual Journey


Gathering like minded people together to uplift, support and expand our unique spiritual development.  Serving as a facilitator and spiritual teacher for over thirty years, Starfeather offers a variety of avenues for enriching life as a sacred path. shamanic healing circles and retreats for women's spiritual empowerment

Sacred Circles, Retreats & Gatherings


Welcoming you to join us for fun, love and spiritual learning.  Become a part of our ever developing community of people who come together to share the spiritual quest in a safe, sacred setting, guided by Starfeather.

Our Life is the Journey


Enrich your life by joining us in Sacred Circle.  Walk a Path of beauty.